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How to buy Titan products

To purchase Titan Education products, simply fill in our contact form below or call us on 1300 302 855 to discuss your requirements.
  • Prices quoted on this website include GST. Payment options include EFT, credit card or cheque.

  • Titan Education can also provide a school order service – all accounts are payable within 14 days.

  • The cost of postage and handling within Australia is a flat rate of $16.95 per order. Orders will usually arrive five days after an order has been received.


If you're interested in customised workbooks, the process is easy:

  1. CONSULTATION: Define unit or content needs. Your personal consultant will liaise with you regarding topics, sequencing and any special curriculum requirements.

  2. DRAFT: Drafts customised to school requirements. Review the draft workbook and give us feedback. We won’t rest until you are 100% satisfied.

  3. APPROVAL: Assemble unique customised workbook. Approve the final workbook, allowing us to finalise additional supporting resources.

  4. DELIVERY: Print and/or electronic distribution. We will arrange prompt delivery at a time and location which is most convenient for you.

Frequently asked questions

  • How much work is required by me and my school to change workbook providers?
    We know how busy teachers are, so we've kept it simple. You can choose your own units from our list of popular choices, or email us your list of units and we can make a start for you. Once these are received, we will have drafts back to you within a week. Every step of the way, we make the process easy and hassle free.
  • What if I can’t find a unit that suits our requirements?
    If you can’t find a unit from our range of resources, don't worry! We have a large list of health resources in our library.
  • Can I have hard copy workbooks for some year groups and digital for others?
    Yes. Workbooks are available in hard copy or as digital eBooks.
  • What additional resources do you supply, and what is the cost?
    All our additional resources are provided at no extra cost. Titan Education can supply additional resources such as teacher learning modules (which may include syllabus alignment, answers, discussion points, adjustments/differentiation ideas and useful online resources), comprehensive teaching programs, exams, assessment tasks, term newsletters, and read-only PDF files of student and teacher books (for use on data projectors).
  • Do you provide ongoing support?
    Of course! If you have any questions, contact us via phone or email and you will be talking to a HPE/PDHPE expert.
  • Our school has literacy as a major focus area. Can I have additional literacy activities?
    Yes. Whatever your focus (literacy, ICT, etc.), we can tailor workbooks to suit your needs.
  • Are workbooks updated each year, and what is the cost?
    Yes. Our writers are constantly working to make sure our workbooks are as up to date as possible. We also liaise with our workbook schools to revise their content as necessary. Changes are made at no additional cost.
  • Can I include theory and practical units?
    Yes. As well as the theory units listed, we have over 100 practical units to choose from.
  • Can I include school content or my own content?
    Yes, as long as you own the copyright. Our schools often include their uniform or bullying policy, as well as their view on issues such as sexual health, contraception, etc.
  • What is the time frame for implementing workbooks?
    Drafts need to be approved by the middle of Term 4, so workbooks can be delivered ready for day one of the new school year.
  • Can I view drafts without obligation?
    Yes. Contact us for an overview of available units or email us your list of units. We will organise customised drafts free of charge, and with no commitment to purchase.
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