How to buy Titan products

To purchase Titan Education products, simply fill in our contact form below or call us on 1300 302 855 to discuss your requirements.
  • Prices quoted on this website include GST. Payment options include EFT, credit card or cheque.

  • Titan Education can also provide a school order service – all accounts are payable within 14 days.

  • The cost of postage and handling within Australia is a flat rate of $14.95 per order. Orders will usually arrive five days after an order has been received.


If you're interested in customised workbooks, the process is easy:

  1. CONSULTATION: Define unit or content needs. Your personal consultant will liaise with you regarding topics, sequencing and any special curriculum requirements.

  2. DRAFT: Drafts customised to school requirements. Review the draft workbook and give us feedback. We won’t rest until you are 100% satisfied.

  3. APPROVAL: Assemble unique customised workbook. Approve the final workbook, allowing us to finalise additional supporting resources.

  4. DELIVERY: Print and/or electronic distribution. We will arrange prompt delivery at a time and location which is most convenient for you.

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