Physical Activity and Sports Studies (PASS)


Customised PASS workbooks

Customised entirely to your PASS course specifications and requirements. Electronic or hard copy. Colour or black and white. All content is reviewed and updated each year by our team of health and physical education professionals. Schools using workbooks will also receive the following for free:

  • teacher books, which include:

    • answers​

    • other teaching ideas

    • discussion points

    • useful online resources

  • teaching programs​

  • assessment tasks

Sample: PASS workbook

$38.95: colour workbooks

$33.95: black and white workbooks

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Exploring PASS

Exploring PASS 4th edition provides a comprehensive coverage of all modules in the 2019 update to the Physical Activity and Sports Studies syllabus. It identifies essential knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes. It is a one-stop resource and an invaluable aid to teachers who wish to provide challenging and engaging lessons for all students.

Key features of the textbook:

  • practical activities that promote the concept of learning through movement

  • learning activities to engage students of different abilities

  • internet activities and case studies to engage students in critical thinking

  • research tasks for inquiry-based learning

  • collaborative group-based activities for enhanced participation

  • chapter revision questions 

Sample: Exploring PASS




PASS Teacher Resource

This resource, suitable for the latest PASS syllabus, includes over 300 pages of photocopiable worksheets and answers for the following topic areas.


Book 1 units are from Area of Study 1 – Foundations of physical activity:

  • Body systems and energy for physical activity

  • Physical activity for health

  • Physical fitness

  • Fundamentals of movement skill development

  • Nutrition and physical activity

  • Participating with safety


Book 2 units are from Area of Study 2 – Physical activity and sport in society:

  • Australia’s sporting identity

  • Lifestyle, leisure and recreation

  • Physical activity and sport for specific groups

  • Opportunities and pathways in physical activity and sport

  • Issues in physical activity and sport


Book 3 units are from Area of Study 3 – Enhancing participation and performance:

  • Promoting active lifestyles

  • Coaching

  • Enhancing performance – strategies and techniques

  • Technology, participation and performance

  • Event management