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The new PDHPE syllabus

It’s been a busy and exciting time for our writing team since the release of the new NSW PDHPE syllabus.

Here's a list of topics that many schools are choosing. Please remember that content can always be customised to your requirements.

Titan Education’s complete Year 7–10 PDHPE learning package includes:

  • Student learning module: a collection of activities and worksheets, customised specifically for your school – supplied as an interactive PDF or hardcopy

  • Teacher learning module: includes answers, discussion points, adjustments/differentiation ideas, online resources and syllabus alignment – supplied as a PDF or hardcopy

  • Life Skills modules: based on Stage 4 or Stage 5 PDHPE learning modules – supplied as interactive PDFs

  • Titan Online: a web-based resource bank of digital learning activities, perfect for adjustment/differentiation strategies

  • Digital textbook: over 250 pages of PDHPE support resources and activities

  • Teaching programs: supplied as Microsoft Word documents, to enable school‑based editing

  • Assessments

$37.95: colour workbooks

$32.95: black and white workbooks

$24.95: eWorkbooks 

Titan Education will continue to cater for Year 8 and Year 10 in 2019, with content suitable for the existing, pre-2019 syllabus.

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